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10 of the Best Basquiat Gifs

  Though (the record-setting) Basquiat passed away back in 1988 at the age of 27, you have to wonder what he might have created if he’d still be around to create art using gifs. These 10 Basquiat gifs give us a glimpse of the artist, his work, and what might have been.   by yuvaroo by Canek (gifs via Giphy) Read more →

These Flamingo Gifs Will Simply Make You Smile

by Ethan Barnowsky Flamingos are pretty fabulous creators — with the bright pink feathers, wonky legs, and a quirky nature — which is why they’re the perfect subject matter for fantastic gifs. Enjoy!   by Cheezburger by Will Kim by Csak by Sam Jones by Olle Engstrom (gifs via Giphy) Read more →

These Warhol Gifs Take Pop Art to the Next Level

  Gifs are quickly becoming the internet’s favorite art form, which is why we’ve already taken a look at some of the best Michelangelo gifs and Picasso gifs, not to mention Salvador Dalí gifs and Frida Kahlo gifs. While we’re at it, we should definitely take a look at these Andy Warhol gifs that take his pop art to the next level…   by G1ft3d… Read more →

These Michelangelo Gifs Bring His Art to Life… With a Quirky Twist or Two

by Nate Makuch There’s no doubt that Michelangelo is one of the most famous and lauded artists in history, which is why his art has inspired others thoughout the ages. That includes the current art form-of-choice for many modern folks: gifs. Check out these gifs that bring Michelangelo’s masterpieces to life, granted with a quirky twist or two.   by rasalo by weinventyou… Read more →

11 Adorable Giraffe Gifs In Honor Of #AprilTheGiraffe

  April the giraffe has captured the world’s attention as she waits to give birth any moment and we’re all eagerly watching via a handy-dandy live-stream. To bide your time until the big moment when the baby arrives, here are 11 giraffe gifs that are almost as adorable as the little one (who will likely be 6 ft. tall and… Read more →

Art by Vrinda Zaveri (San Francisco, United States)

  From Vrinda Zaveri: San Francisco based Artist and Animator Vrinda Zaveri creates mystical looping animations of forests and creatures. Inspired by science fiction and nature documentaries, her Gif’s create a visual blend of magical realism and adventure. Her studio practice is about storytelling through motion with humour and observation to generate mystery, Curiosity and Delight.   Read more →

These Groundhog Day GIFs Are As Awesome As an Early Spring

  It’s Groundhog Day! Did the little weather-predicting critter in your area see their shadow today? Whether the answer is yes or no, these GIFs are just as awesome as an early spring.        And for those who inevitably expect a few mentions of the movie…     (GIFs via Giphy) Read more →

These Trump GIFs Will Entertain AND Terrify You

  Trump’s administration is almost upon us and while some artists are already creating art in response and entire events are being coordinated to oppose his actions, Donald’s presidency will surely both entertain and terrify us, just like these GIFs.     By Chris Piascik By leroy By James Curran   (GIFs via Giphy) Read more →

Christmas Gifs to Get You Into the Festive Vibe

  Are you feeling the festive vibe? If so — or if you need a little help getting into the seasonal groove — then check out these Christmas gifs that will leave you ready for jingle bells and (hopefully) a visit from Santa.   (gifs via Giphy) Read more →

15 of the BEST Salvador Dalí Gifs On the Internet

Salvador Dalí is undeniably the most recognizable surrealist artist of his generation and beyond. Making his pieces into gifs helps to bring his twisted fantasies to life. If you liked 10 of the BEST Frida Kahlo Gifs On the Internet, then be sure to check out these 15 Salvador Dalí gifs which are some of the best on the internet. Read more →

10 of the BEST Frida Kahlo Gifs On the Internet

Frida Kahlo’s art remains as intriguing and captivating today as it was when she first created each and every piece. Frida in gif form is just as captivating. Check out these 10 Frida Kahlo gifs which are some of the best on the internet. by bybia by mariemainguy   (gifs via Giphy) Read more →

Art from Yinchen Niu (@yinchenniu) / Los Angeles, US

From Yinchen Niu: Graduate candidate of graphic design at California Institute of the Arts, an art enthusiast especially fond of drawing and graphic arts, sometimes does animation and art direction, and seeks meaningful ideas besides styles in art creation – @yinchenniu Read more →

Art from Ansel Oommen / NY, US

From Ansel Oommen: Ansel Oommen is a multipotentialite who favors a rapidly successive scribbling technique that incorporates principles of Gestalt psychology. By taking advantage of similarity, continuity, closure, and proximity, his drawings force the perception of figures that do not exist out of strategically placed lines amidst a blank background. He then often inverts these images, further accentuating this effect… Read more →

GIF: Playing Money

“They wouldn’t play my records on American radio because I had spiky hair. They said, ‘Punk rock doesn’t sell advertising, it won’t make any money.’” – Billy Idol (via Giphy) Read more →

GIF: Oh Yeah

“Oh yeah, dancing’s part of my soul. I enjoy it, it makes people happy, and it makes me happy.” – John Travolta (via Giphy) Read more →

GIF: Kermit the Frog Freak-out

Gonzo: Hey, Kermit, are you busy? Kermit: Yes, Gonzo, but I can give you my ear for a minute. Gonzo: What would I do with your ear? Kermit: [exasperated] Van Gogh impressions. (The Muppet Show, GIF via Giphy) Read more →

GIF: Twisting Metal Fellow

“Each black hole spins on its axis like the Earth spins. That spin creates two vortexes of twisting space, somewhat like vortexes in a bathtub or a whirlpool.” – Kip Thorne (via Giphy) Read more →

GIF: Dropping Down

“Writing a book of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.” – Don Marquis (via Giphy) Read more →

GIF: Digital Hand

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.” – William Blake (via Giphy) Read more →

GIF: Skateboarder

“I feel like skateboarding is as much of a sport as a lifestyle, and an art form, so there’s so much that that transcends in terms of music, fashion, and entertainment.” – Tony Hawk (via Giphy) Read more →