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Rare Frank Lloyd Wright House Is for Sale and Untouched by Time

  In 1960, Frank Lloyd Wright completed a sprawling three bedroom, two bathroom, 2,647 square foot home for radiologist Paul C. Olfelt. Created with the architect’s signature style, yet featuring a completely unique design that uses the natural setting and incredible light to enhance the stunning interior, it’s a brilliant example of what Wright did best (just take a peek… Read more →

Meet the Man Building a Cathedral Alone and By Hand

  Our creativity is motivated by various factors, but for the past 53 years, it’s been divine inspiration that’s kept Justo Gallego toiling on a grand cathedral on the outskirts of Madrid… all by himself. The now 90-year-old man has done everything by hand despite having no formal architecture or construction training. But these days, he’s realized that his time is… Read more →

C3P-Ho Ho Ho! Check Out These Christmas Album Covers With a Star Wars Twist

  I’m sure we’re all totally feeling the holiday vibe with gingerbread houses that are works of art and Christmas songs written by artificial intelligence. And now the folks over at Superfi (“the UKs largest hifi and home cinema specialists”) have designed Christmas album covers with a Star Wars twist “for no reason other than our love for Star Wars and punnery.”… Read more →

Check Out This Van Gogh-Inspired Pool Design

There are endless ways to add some artistic flair to your life and gorgeous pool designs are nothing new. What is a little unusual is allowing a famous painting to inspire the entire design of a pool.  Reddit user __PETTYOFFICER117__ shared a pic of a tiled pool that used van Gogh’s “Starry Night” as it’s inspiration. Located at a home his friend’s… Read more →

Alexander McQueen’s DNA Is Being Used In a Controversial Design Project

Alexander McQueen was known for pushing the boundaries of design and certainly wasn’t afraid of incorporating the truly bizarre into his fashion. Saying that, it’s still hard to decide if the legendary designer who passed away in 2010 would be keen on the latest project that uses his, er, essence. Tina Gorjanc, a fashion student at Central Saint Martins, has announced that… Read more →

Covers: 55 Vintage Book Graphics Set in Motion (video)

Covers from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo. Covers – A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics How would these great book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Here we go… Animation: Henning M. Lederer / Music: Jörg Stierle / Sources: Julian Montague Project / Book Worship / Read more →

Art from Nick Greenglass (@nickgreenglass) / Bristol, UK

From Nick Greenglass: Based In Bristol I have spent the last year working towards my MA in Multi-Disciplinary printmaking. Much of my work takes influence from the interactions people have with new technologies and I am particularly interested in the effects of electronic culture on identity. I like to work with portraiture and construct images from various layers, at times incorporating… Read more →

Art from Will Fortanbary (@WillFortanbary) / Alpharetta, Georgia

Will Fortanbary is a visual artist and animator based out of Alpharetta, GA. He loves making art everyday, More than Art though – he loves his wife, his dog, and Jesus. Will also wants to travel to space someday. – – – Read more →

Art from Ann Marie Coolick (@AnnMarieCoolick)

Ann Marie is an impasto painter focusing on geometric abstractions and expressionist landscapes using only palette knives and heavy body paint straight from the tube. Relying primarily on memory, Ann Marie’s work references science, organic processes and natural elements, including visual enlargements of foliage and bamboo from her backyard in the historic Aurora Highlands neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. She slathers… Read more →

Art from Travis Bone (@Furturtle)

Born of the beautiful, strange Utahlands, Furturtle Show Prints is a design concern specializing in illustration and hand printed paper works. Making hand-drawn, limited-edition posters for a wide range of bands and musicians from Bonnie Prince Billy to The Flaming Lips has been the primary focus of Furturtle Show Prints. But I enjoy working with all sorts of clients, whether… Read more →

Art from Lindsay Rollins (@LukaofOrebia)

From Lindsay Rollins: Hey there! My name is Lindsay Rollins and I am a freelance Illustrator working out of Toronto Canada as well as head of marketing and illustration for small independent magazine, Funky Bento. I specialize in editorial and sequential illustration. I also have experience in digital painting, webdesign and marketing for Funky Bento Magazine. I have expert knowledge of… Read more →

Art from Ian Barrowcliffe (@Ians_4D)

From Ian Barrowcliffe: What is it about Glass? From a grain of sand. It is said, “That when a passion absorbs one. It becomes an addiction”. The variety of expressions that are created using this volatile medium are endless, from the day man started melting sand, to the exquisite masterpieces that are on permanent exhibition today are simply mind-blowing, saying this,… Read more →

Art from Matija Drozdek

From Matija Drozdek: Born in 1985 in Osijek, Croatia. He spent his childhood in Germany and Belgium, studied at the Polytechnic in Zagreb and currently lives in Ireland working for Apple Inc. 
He is mainly working on illustrations, graphic design and visual branding, occasionally shooting pictures exclusively on film. Numerous of his illustrations were published i.e. in Mexico, Germany and Serbia.… Read more →

Art from Simon Henry Vine (@Zizzbaum)

From Simon Henry Vine: Fine art painter with a practice centering around representation of the human form. Interested in aspects of the evolution of figurative realism through western classicism, reflections on the phenomenon of vision, and the expressiveness of matter. Simon has studied English literature and Philosophy, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in 1997. He took up painting as an… Read more →

Art from Luis Fitch (@LuisFitchArt)

Luis Fitch is an internationally artist, designer, mentor and creative entrepreneur who is currently the founder of UNO Branding a multicultural, strategic visual communication agency. Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Luis moved to the U.S.A. in 1985. There he attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design at Pasadena, California. He graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.… Read more →

Art from Eric Ho (@NinjaRAWLegend)

From Eric Ho: My name is Eric Ho and I’m a social media marketing professional based out of NYC. I enjoy making 3D printed figurines inspired by science, fascinating creatures and corgis. Website – Twitter – Instagram           Read more →

Art from Michaela Kindle (@Michaela_Kindle)

Michaela Kindle was born and raised in Germany but went on to study Photography in Los Angeles, California (USA). During her time in Los Angeles, as well as in London, she discovered a passion for creating “New Moments” – digital composites of visions captured through her creative lens – a beautiful fusion of reality & imagination – of silence &… Read more →

Art from Meshes Del Más Allá

From Meshes Del Más Allá: We are Florence and Soledad Rios twin sisters, born on December 13, 1989, we painted together since age 9, we are ambidextrous and self-taught painters. Constantly we learn and study the various branches of art. We use the project methodology in our works. Found in color harmony, melody and counterpoint. And we become eternal and immutable.… Read more →

Art from Morgan Seiler (@thewondercatx)

Morgan Seiler (aka wondercat) is a self-taught 3D-print enthusiast from Brooklyn. She clearly likes vibrant colors, teeth, and characters with personality. Website – Twitter – Instagram                 Read more →

Art from Data (@Datasynced)

James Goodwin, also referred to as Data, is a home-studied developer from St. Petersburg, FL. His primary focus is CGI, which he says “gives him a open field to freely manipulate natural elements within.” Focusing primarily on natural elements, he enjoys developing 3-dimensional landscapes / soundscapes. Eventually, he would like to take all of his compiled studies and successfully create… Read more →

Art from Yinchen Niu (@Stephyinchen)

From Yinchen Niu: I am an artist with undying interests and love in illustration, design and other related forms of art. Currently I am pursuing MFA degree in Design at Cal Arts. Website – Twitter             Read more →

Art from Stephen Paul (@Stephen__Paul)

From Stephen Paul: Born in Texas, raised in Kentucky, now residing in California. A self-taught photographer with a preference for analog, books, & tacos. Clients/Publications: Interscope Records, Cherrytree records, Ministry of Fashion, Fourth and One, Fashion Rocks, GAP, & Sonos Studio. C-Heads, Zephyr, Darling Magazine, Zooey Magazine, Culture Collide, White Lies Mag, & PDN Emerging Photographer. Website – Twitter… Read more →

Art from LaQuan Vincent

LaQuan Vincent was born in Queens, New York. He studied at the High School of Art & Design, and The Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City. Majoring in Cartooning & Animation, Fine Arts and Illustration. Using abstract expression and comic-book pop art, His work that focuses on an approach to move internal feelings and mental moods. Using vibrant… Read more →

Art from Michel Martins (@MichelMartinsNL)

Michel Martins is an illustrator and graphic designer based in The Hague, the Netherlands. His inspiration comes from comics, 80’s cartoons a lot of videogames, music and just a lot of everyday life stuff. In his illustrations he mostly adds some kind of dark edge or atmosphere to a character’s personality or appearance. Let’s see where they will take him next. Hey ho! Let’s go!… Read more →

Art from LEEMO (@MUCHWOW_Design)

From LEEMO: Hi, I’m a freelance graphic designer, visual artist and loving wife. My art is mainly about the beauty of texture, color and shape. I love creating my own analog textures to use them in graphic compositions. LEEMO is part of the MUCH WOW family. LEEMO is part of the MUCH WOW family. Website – Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest… Read more →

Art from Amanda Northrop

From Amanda Northrop: I’m Amanda, a recent graphic design graduate. I draw and paint as much as I design and love incorporating my own hand lettering / display faces into my work. The next big project I have in the works is a sci-fi graphic novel. Website – Twitter – Tumblr – Instagram           Read more →

Art from James Eade

From James Eade: My name is James Eade and I’m a Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director living in East London. With over ten years experience in the design industry I have a wide breadth of work, including, online advertising, websites & UI, and more recently, mobile. Although the majority of my work is now digital, I come from a print… Read more →