Category: Craft

Art from Elza Zijlstra (@TrashWorksElza) / Nijmegen, the Netherlands

From Elza Zijlstra: Elza Zijlstra transforms beach-trash and vintage magazines into images that tell a story. It started with a co-incidental finding on a trashy beach on a holiday in Spain and has grown into a passion for the so-called ‘plastic soup’ (the plastic that floats around in our oceans). She is fascinated by the fact that apparent useless materials… Read more →

Art from The Rock Vandals (@rockvandal) / Newfoundland, Canada

The Rock Vandals are a gang of knitters who engage in craftivism and yarn bombing as a form of rural street art. Our aim is to surprise and delight through creative acts in otherwise neglected spaces. The starfish are a craftivism or creative activism project intended to raise awareness of a sunken ship, off the coast of Newfoundland, leaking oil… Read more →

Art from Ian Barrowcliffe (@Ians_4D)

From Ian Barrowcliffe: What is it about Glass? From a grain of sand. It is said, “That when a passion absorbs one. It becomes an addiction”. The variety of expressions that are created using this volatile medium are endless, from the day man started melting sand, to the exquisite masterpieces that are on permanent exhibition today are simply mind-blowing, saying this,… Read more →

Art from Meshes Del Más Allá

From Meshes Del Más Allá: We are Florence and Soledad Rios twin sisters, born on December 13, 1989, we painted together since age 9, we are ambidextrous and self-taught painters. Constantly we learn and study the various branches of art. We use the project methodology in our works. Found in color harmony, melody and counterpoint. And we become eternal and immutable.… Read more →

Art from Morgan Seiler (@thewondercatx)

Morgan Seiler (aka wondercat) is a self-taught 3D-print enthusiast from Brooklyn. She clearly likes vibrant colors, teeth, and characters with personality. Website – Twitter – Instagram                 Read more →

Art from LaQuan Vincent

LaQuan Vincent was born in Queens, New York. He studied at the High School of Art & Design, and The Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City. Majoring in Cartooning & Animation, Fine Arts and Illustration. Using abstract expression and comic-book pop art, His work that focuses on an approach to move internal feelings and mental moods. Using vibrant… Read more →

Art from Haley Craw (@AdorableMammal)

Haley Craw is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Calgary. Her practice takes the form of sculpture, installation and an expanded interpretation of “drawing”. Using elements from the personal and the political, the emotional and intellectual, and the beautiful and abject, her work focuses on deconstructing binaries constructed through ideology and reinforced through society that oppress and simplify female sexuality,… Read more →

Art from Tricia Dunk-Tinkl

From Tricia Dunk-Tinkl: Physically we exist within a structure of time, feeling the ebb and flow of daily life as it passes from seconds, to minutes, to hours, to days, into years. We wake. We do what we do in between. Until we sleep. Physically. mentally. The good. The bad. Life passes within these increments of time. Five years in the… Read more →