Call for Submissions: Red Giant Books — fiction, non-fiction, essays, memoir, poetry, photography, comics and art

Call for Submissions: Red Giant Books — poetry, memoir, and fiction

“Red Giant Books and United Labor Agency announce a joint publishing project: an anthology of writing and art centered on the theme of ‘working.’ We all work or have worked. We often spend more waking hours at work than any other activity. We’ve been employees or we’ve employed people. We’ve spent time looking for work, thinking about work, or trying to avoid work. Some work is disappearing and some has been evolving. We worry as a society if we will have enough work or if we have the qualifications to fill the jobs to come. We define ourselves by the work we do or the work we’ve lost. Our thesis for the project is an assumption that a small collection of writers and artists must have something compelling to say about this concept. We want to know what is happening in the offices, factories and shops from those who are working for a living or even thinking about what it means to work for a living.”

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