Call for Submissions: Flux Factory and the Queens Museum — Saunter Trek Escort Parade

Call for Submissions: Flux Factory and the Queens Museum — Saunter Trek Escort Parade

Flux Factory and the Queens Museum are happy to invite proposals for Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P…. ) one of Flux Factory’s 2018 Major Exhibitions; curated by Christina Freeman, Emireth Herrera, & Moira Williams.

September 6-26, 2018 at Flux Factory

November 2018 at the Queens Museum

… (S.T.E.P…. ) embraces the many ways and bodies we walk while asking how walking as a creative act can open conversations about visibility, perception, time, labor, economics, exploration, mapping, colonialism, migration, the environment, health and the connections between all of these.

S.T.E.P… welcomes proposals that approach walking from all perspectives and people: walking as protest, to take up space, to be visible, walking as choreography, walking as marching band, as Hip Hop, as Carnival, intervention, parade, pilgrimage, funerary, liberation, labor, humor. Walking as performance, ways to queer walking, Afro-Futuristic walking, rights to roam, walking theater, playful ways of wandering, critical ways of wandering, meditation, walking in orthopedics, as mobilization, disruption, to engage, to sense, group walks, solitary walks, private walks, nature walks, durational walks, relays, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality walks, walking with drones, for health, sleepwalking, walking with animals, loitering, audio walks, anti-tours, walking trails: historical, campaign or comets, walking with objects, walking as architecture, walking on buildings, in drag. Unwalking history, gender, hate, pollution, class. Walking hidden landscapes, dreams, with spirits or in space. Drifts, night walks following the moon walks.

S.T.E.P… celebrates, accepts and respects the many ways and bodies we walk our human and non-human pace.
S.T.E.P… seeks to be an overlapping convergence and entanglement of walking, walk based works and programing, mobilizing throughout New York. Walking based and related proposals of any kind including all two and three dimensional artworks, installations, video, performance, workshops, panels, etc., are all encouraged to apply. S.T.E.P… is open to all people of all abilities.

S.T.E.P… lives outside of the commercial arena of the art world, supporting alternative concepts, methodologies and ways of mobility, especially representing people of all abilities and underrepresented people.

All artists will receive S.T.E.P. stipends

Resources for the proposals are below, including gallery dimensions and timeline.

Please send all inquiries to:

Exhibition Dates: September 6-26, 2018

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, January 22, 2018

Find out more information and SUBMIT HERE


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