Buckingham Palace Gunman Turns Out To Just Be Artist With a Cardboard Tube

Photographer Ray Fiasco didn’t exactly get the royal treatment when he passed Buckingham Palace recently. Guards mistook his cardboard tube holding his art for a rifle and that’s when things turned dangerous. Fiasco found himself confronted by “‘about 10’ officers wielding semi-automatic machine guns.”

He later tweeted,

“4 BMWs pull up, block off the whole road, about 10 men jump out, guns pointed at me. Bullet-proof vests… Tazers… everything.

‘A crowd forms… people filming… man are searching my bags… guns still casually pointed at me.

Fiasco could easily be forgiven for being terrified, but instead he decided to take advantage of the unexpected attention.

‘But its cool. I finessed the whole thing. Had an impromptu exhibition outside Buckingham Palace… told the people to come to my exhibition.

‘The officer was so shocked to see it was artwork… he was gobsmacked…

‘I should have gave him a business card, told him i can handle his album cover, press shots and music video.

Good for him, but still, holy crap!

* Source.