Bohemian Book Club: Selling Art Online – The Creative Guide to Turning Your Artistic Work into Cash


Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:


Selling Art Online: The Creative Guide to Turning Your Artistic Work into Cash by Dave Conrey (Tiger Hero Media)


“If you’re like most visual artists, at some point in your life, you were told you couldn’t make a living from your work—very few people get rich as photographers, illustrators or designers—Get a real job instead.

Many others of you were told there are only a handful of ways to become a successful artist; that galleries were hard to break into, and if you weren’t in those trendy spaces, you weren’t a real artist.

All due respect to the family and friends who may have given you that advice, but it is complete B.S…. Selling Art Online shows you several ways you can take your art, make money, be happy, and beat back all the doubt and criticism…


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