Bohemian Book Club: Badass Women of Cinema – A Collection of Interviews


Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:


Badass Women of Cinema – A Collection of Interviews by Chris Watson (BearManor Media)


“‘An engaging read that provides an intimate look into the lives, careers, triumphs, and heartbreaks of some of cinema’s toughest ladies.’ – Jordan Garren, The B Movie Vault Martial arts actresses, cult heroes, stuntwomen.

In a series of interviews by Chris Watson, cinema’s toughest ladies, an eclectic group of international actresses, discuss the challenges they’ve faced from the upstart of their careers.

Interviews include: Cheng Pei Pei (Come Drink With Me), Yukari Oshima (Outlaw Brothers), Marrie Lee (They Call Her…Cleopatra Wong), Cynthia Rothrock (Yes, Madam), Catherine Mary Stewart (Night of the Comet), Laurene Landon (Hundra), Betsy Russell (Avenging Angel), Sophia Crawford (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Diana Lee Inosanto (The Sensei), Patricia Tallman (Night of the Living Dead), and many more! While their careers followed separate paths, all of these women gave memorable performances and prove to be bad ass women both on and off screen.”


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