Blue Wine Uses Banksy and Michelangelo’s Art to Sell You this Wonderfully WTF Drink

Blue wine is buzzing around the internet as people are wondering if such a strange drink could possibly compete with their beloved red and white options. But while others are interested in its taste, we’re noticing the art-infused marketing material that incorporates some of the most famous and most recognizable art pieces, albeit in a unique new way.

GIK, coming from Spain and sporting a distinctly blue hue seems artistic enough on its own to catch anyone’s eye (the dog on the bottle doesn’t hurt either when it comes to standing out). But taking things one step further, the makers of this culinary curiosity have opted to use both Banksy and Michelangelo to sell their wine.

Taking Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”, popping a dino head on Adam and replacing God with a glass of blue wine. Art or ad? You decide.

If modern street art is more your style, then check out GIK’s take on Banksy’s “Rage” (a.k.a. “The Flower Thrower”), this time giving a bottle of blue wine a toss.

Though using popular art to sell products isn’t unheard of, GIK’s take is certainly as unique to their brand as is the blue wine itself.