‘Beautiful Minecraft’ Book Explores the Ultimate Limits of Artistic Creativity in the Block-Dominated World


I’ll readily admit that I’m regularly impressed with the Minecraft creations by two little dudes in my life. And if their wide-eyed reactions to Beautiful Minecraft (No Starch Press) is any indication, this book features the kind of ultimate creativity that any player would love to indulge in and may strive to achieve in the medium that some might not immediately recognize as art.



As they pore over the pages in this remarkable collection, Minecraft lovers of all stripes will find themselves immersed in a world of astonishing Minecraft creations like floating steampunk cities, massive alien worlds, detailed classical sculptures, fantastical landscapes, and architectural marvels. The sculptures and scenes throughout the book are built from thousands to millions of Minecraft blocks and represent months and even years of design work on the part of their creators.

“I wanted to show how a video game can become a true artistic medium… how players can become artists,” said author James Delaney. And that goal has been met with spectacles that are reminiscent of the great masters’ work.

Be sure to check out Beautiful Minecraft for yourself or grab a copy for the Minecraft player in your life, no matter what age or skill-level they happen to be.



(photos via No Starch Press)