Artist Makes a New Year’s Resoluation to Draw a Butt Everyday this Year

Did your New Year’s resolution this year include drawing 365 butts? If not, then you really missed out on an ass-themed opportunity. Artist Charles Vestal, however, is doing just that on his Tumblr

Each day of 2016, he’ll draw and share another picture of a butt … bum … ass … backside … whatever you want to call it.

Every year, I try and set a year-long challenge for myself,” he explained to The Huffington Post on Tuesday. “This year, I figured why not try and draw a butt … Each person on this planet has a butt, but probably rarely sees it.

They’re all just butts. And we’re all just butts on this Earth.

So true. …BUTTS! lol

(via HuffPost Arts & Culture