Artist in Legal Battle After Her Former Studio Sold Her Paint-Stained Carpet as Her Art

Pro tip: When you leave a studio or workspace, take everything with you. Like, eeeeeverything. This wisdom comes from the awful accusations made by artist Angelique Hartigan against Gispy Hill, the studio where she created her artwork for 9 years.

The accusations involve the studio allegedly selling “pieces of paint-spattered carpet as [Hartigan’s] genuine work.” Her carpet. HER CARPET. They allegedly sold her carpet as her art.

“I paint on the floor and I use drips and spills and throw the paint and I’m well known in south London as an artist,” she said. “There was some kind of yard sale at the Gipsy Hill studio, after I left, and some people I knew saw it and said ‘what’s this and why has Angelique made this?’ They didn’t know what was going on because my name was on it.

“I sent an email immediately to say ‘what are you doing? You didn’t ask me, stop doing this’ and ‘write to the people you have sold them to and find out where they are. I want all the pieces back because I don’t want them out there’.

“I was so incredibly shocked when I saw it. I felt sick and I could not sleep that night. I felt violently and physically sick and betrayed by these people I had known for nine years. But the people at the studio say they haven’t done anything wrong but I feel my rights have been infringed and my reputation had been possibly damaged.” [World News]

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