Artificial Intelligence Wrote This Christmas Song and It’s Not What You’d Expect


Granted, Jingle Bells and Silent Night are still reliable go-to songs when you’re looking for something to get you into the festive vibe. But the folks over at the University of Toronto wanted to try out something new, something futuristic, something kinda weird. They let artificial intelligence write a Christmas song and it’s not at all what you’d expect.

Aux explains, “Researchers… developed and then tasked a neural network to create its own holiday song, based on an image of a Christmas tree. The deep learning models of the program were first trained on 100 hours of similarly jaunty music sourced from the Internet, before being a fed a collection of captioned images to learn the potential patterns between the objects depicted and their textual associations. The program was also given 50 hours of song lyrics to analyze how to put lyrics to music, all in the service of getting the program to autonomously compose its own song.”

Take a listen and decide for yourself if this is a new Christmas hit.



(h/t Aux; photos via Pixabay)