Art from Samuel Robertson (@samrobertsonart) / Minneapolis, MN, US

From Samuel Robertson:

I am a multimedia artist living in Minneapolis. In my illustrative work, I study people and our relationships to appetite, commodities, technology, nature, and each other. I explore both the darkness and the humor in our efforts to find fulfillment and comfort through consumption, drawing my inspiration from sources where I find symbolic representations of human appetite including industrial equipment catalogs, tourism magazines, obscure wilderness and hunting publications, and outdated encyclopedias. I refrain from explicit judgement or commentary, attempting instead to imbue my scenes with atmosphere, humor, and allegory.

Currently, I am illustrating The Old Testament in an ambiguously dystopian, psychedelic style, where familiar biblical characters are depicted as cowboys, construction workers, businessmen, and other modern archetypes, all set in surreal environments. I am one quarter of the way through this project, having completed over 75 illustrations. I aim to finish by Christmas Day, 2016. – –