Art from Tricia Dunk-Tinkl

From Tricia Dunk-Tinkl:

Physically we exist within a structure of time, feeling the ebb and flow of daily life as it passes from seconds, to minutes, to hours, to days, into years. We wake. We do what we do in between. Until we sleep. Physically. mentally. The good. The bad. Life passes within these increments of time. Five years in the past. Ten minutes from now. Thirty seconds later. We live. We grow. We create memories. Defining moments. We leave this earth knowing time has passed. Hoping we used it adequately. It shapes us. Physically we exist; our bodies giving a glimpse into our emotional psyche. That slight slump in our shoulders. The smile, sometimes a look of longing or despair, that takes over our faces when you listen to particular song. Recalling our first kiss. Our first heartache. Our last. My photo based work has always evolved around memory, and the allusion of time. When my father was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease almost ten years ago, now recently Dementia… finding out he may forget it all …each minute, hour, years, the layers of memories and time created and passing into the next, I found I was at a loss to understand what it all meant. Finding myself faced with my own layers of conflict. I imagine my father sometimes swimming, sometimes drowning… usually just staying afloat, hoping for understanding from all the one’s he shared his time with… created memories with. I have no idea where my father, or for that matter, where I will be in one hour…two days…five years from now. I’m not necessary okay with that. My thought is: It’s probably best left to time. And, until that defining moment, and every second, turned minute, turned hour to years after, I’m going to continue to give life to my memories through my art.

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