Art from The Rock Vandals (@rockvandal) / Newfoundland, Canada

The Rock Vandals are a gang of knitters who engage in craftivism and yarn bombing as a form of rural street art. Our aim is to surprise and delight through creative acts in otherwise neglected spaces.

The starfish are a craftivism or creative activism project intended to raise awareness of a sunken ship, off the coast of Newfoundland, leaking oil and its effect on sea life. The ship is the Manolis L and the project is entitled Old Manolis and the Sea. The starfish were knit by 12 knitters and crocheters, all in 100% wool-the idea being the wool will breakdown in the elements similar to the aged ships hull which has been submerged in the North Atlantic for 30 years!

The 2nd set of pics is “potholes of gold”…less description necessary. –