Art from Radek Vizina

From Radek Vizina:

I am creating my own world. This world and it’s enigmatic inhabitants are a form of child’s play, reminding me of both the wonder, and the terror of childhood. These “fantasies” have a history laden with meaning and contradiction. They are like visitors from the past coming to mind to root themselves firmly in my present consciousness. The use of bones, both symbols of decay and transformation, and other natural objects stems from my childhood days on the farm, where I was introduced to the natural order and cycle of life. Elements of Czech puppet theatre and story telling abound. Myth is important, both personally and culturally. I enjoy the juxtaposition of these often polarizing “naturally created”elements with the total, fabricated artifice of bright modern pigments, plastic flowers and discarded human -made debris. This tension only serves to enrich the lexicon in my world.

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