Art from Louveau (@mlouveau) / Paris, France

Muriel Louveau, born in Brittany, is a French composer, performance-maker, and singer.

Muriel began performing age Five and went on to study the history of art and literature. She refers to her compositions as contemporary medieval music inspired by ancient european music, and creates her own imaginary language.

“my songs drive us into a cosmopolitan space and time somewhere at the crossroad of the other languages,” explains Louveau.

Festivals and International events include those in the USA, New York (Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Le Poisson Rouge, Irving Plaza), Conservatory of Peabody Baltimore (2009 and 2011), SKIFF 2002 in St Petersburg, French spring 2007 Festival (Latvia), Etonnante Lettonie, Beaubourg center, Paris (2005), Europe XXL Lille 3000 (France).

Her collaborative projects include EDDA, a multi media event with the english artist Holly Warburton  (Le Cube, Paris) and At table, a musical reenactment with Ann Marie Lequesne  (RCA London)

Muriel has been promoting and staging the music of Skana , an album entirely produced in cyber space with american composer Charles B Kim. Presentation of “Skana and more” in NYC ,at Galapagos Arts Space (2011) and at Theaterlab in 2014 with dancer Emily Pope Blackman. – – –