Art from Lisa V Robinson (@lisavrobinson) / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Lisa V Robinson, Untitled 3, Gouache & Watercolour on Paper.

Lisa V Robinson’s paintings are underpinned by an interest in mark making, colour and form. Rather than reverting to pure abstraction as a method of visualising these interests, she has developed her own painting style which fuses both abstract and representational elements. She looks to the immediate environment for ideas for composition and mark making, such as: architecture, films, reflections, interiors and graffiti.  These images are deconstructed and placed on the canvas as abstracted components. The resulting paintings are often playful in nature with bright geometric blocks of colour and spontaneous gestures.

Lisa V Robinson, Untitled 2, Gouache & Watercolour on Paper.

Lisa V Robinson, Untitled 2, Oil on Canvas.

Lisa V Robinson, Untitled, Gouache & Watercolour on Paper.

Lisa V Robinson, Untitled, Oil on Canvas.

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