Art from Leila Vakili / Palo Alto, US & Tehran, Iran

Leila Vakili was born in Tehran, Iran and was exposed to the world of fine art from a very early age. Both her grandmother and aunt were renowned artists and Leila enjoyed gazing at their work not only in her childhood home but in museums around the world as well.

From early on, the process of transforming one’s inner vision on paper struck her as magical, and she became inspired to follow the path of several in her lineage and paint for herself. Art through her paintings has proven to be incredibly gratifying and she paints from deep within her soul. The concrete, repetitive nature of her work unlocks her imagination and provides opportunities for happenstance and grace to influence the finished product. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and she is a self described “perfectionist”, often allowing her gut feeling to be the undisputed project manager.

Ms. Vakili describes painting as her key to the secret garden, a way down the rabbit hole and a looking glass.