Art from Lauren Brooke Sanchez

Lauren Brooke Sanchez is a Calgary-based artist, creative mentor, writer and illustrator of children’s books. With a focus on early childhood, her artistic multi-disciplinary background in writing, painting, drawing, curating, design and photography allows her to communicate holistically and work closely with youth, helping them acquire skills to be carried well into adulthood.

After working in architecture and interior design for many years, Sanchez discovered her art and early childhood focus after travelling extensively throughout the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Hawaii and the Caribbean where locals taught her the importance of finding purpose and pursuing passions. Upon returning to Canada, she combined art with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and began working as a creative development mentor.

Lauren’s diverse skills allow her to assist youth in her community in many different ways. In 2007 Sanchez raised $9,000 for non-profit Big Brothers and Big Sisters Canada through an art show, and curated a successful after-school program with Youth Central and Making Changes Association for their new space called My Best Friend’s Closet.

Lauren admires the honest and fearless approach young children have to art. As a creative development mentor she helps youth overcome self-imposed limits and strengthens their confidence and self-esteem by nurturing their creative outlet from an early age. They are encouraged to maintain their inner child and place of inspiration, while developing artistic skillsets by physically and mentally exploring materials, mediums and mindfulness.

Lauren’s art has been exhibited numerous times in galleries across Calgary. She is currently focusing on publishing her first illustrated children’s book The Opposite Sisters, and painting 1,000 portraits for her art project Faces We Love; which explores ideas of insecurity, self-doubt and the failure to see our own beauty and uniqueness.

Sanchez is happiest when surrounded with children, animals, nature and art. She is drawn to old fairy tales and enjoys uncovering the hidden meanings behind the highly imaginative stories. She loves the scent and thrill of finding a rare gem in a used bookstore, and in another life she would have been a detective. Just like Nancy Drew.

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