Art from LaQuan Vincent

LaQuan Vincent was born in Queens, New York. He studied at the High School of Art

& Design, and The Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City.

Majoring in Cartooning & Animation, Fine Arts and Illustration.

Using abstract expression and comic-book pop art, His work that focuses on an approach to

move internal feelings and mental moods. Using vibrant colors, textures and dramatic

concepts to deliver the message of Dreaming In Reality, it’s a reflection of his life endeavors.

With his sources ranging from comic book characters. He bridges a connection with

non-traditional thinking and cultural competence, with the development of works that

attempts to touch the core of the soul. Working with conceptual work that commends

having faith, chasing dreams, love, companionship, beauty, risk, innocence and

prosperity, using a combination of abstraction and pop art as well as spacey themes.

He now continues to master the aesthetics of art specializing in acrylic as a medium

with several other mediums to develop actual pieces. He uses color theory and perspective

developing abstract work with feelings and emotions to express the actual work. With his

skill with color, it gives his viewers a mixture of feelings, painting from a realm that physically

doesn’t exist, but has a correlation that is real. An expressionist he is, considering all walks of life,

whether it was from something he had seen as a child or something he saw yesterday. Quoting

L.A., “I see grey until I start applying, the canvas is the middle ground for my mind and psyche.

Do what comes from the heart, because you can’t spell heart without art. Always defy gravity!”