Art from Karen Grosman

Karen Grosman’s artwork explores issues of power. Inspired by Foucault’s writings on power structures she explores different binaries within contemporary culture and within history. The issues, which she explores, include the naturalization of ideas surrounding race, gender and military organizations. It is the above problems, which she believes, influence dangerous and out dated ideals. This collection explores ideas of superficiality, sexuality, mental illness, identity, complacency, beauty, and the female identity.

She holds a BFA from OCAD University. Majoring in Drawing and Painting, Minor in Art History. History and politics are important influences in her work.

Her work has been showcased in National and International exhibitions. She is currently showing at Coastal Eddy Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

Collections include the corporate office of Tenenbaum and Solomon Law Firm, Robert Kananaj Gallery and private collections in New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Mexico, and Denmark.

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