Art from Jesus Mari Lazkano (@lazkano_pintor)

From Jesus Mari Lazkano:

After his last retrospective exhibition at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, entitled “From architecture to Nature” and after a long stay in New York City, Lazkano shows his paintings in London.

After his New Yorker experience and a time in China, where he exhibited some of his works in Bejiing, Lazkano presents his latest production. It seemed that his stay in the city of the skyscrapers, a constant reference in his career, it could have influenced new recurring architectural visions as happened in previous stages, but his new point of view puts him far away of citylanscapes. Lazkano surprised us again, he followed his intuitions which were decidedly inviting him to immerse in nature. Same as happened in the great mural installed in the Iberdrola Tower of Cesar Pelli in Bilbao, a 6 meters by 15 meters wide painting, which invites all of us to wedge in a forest full of mystery.

Through these paintings Lazkano puts us face to face with ourselves wondering about our own way of approaching the natural fact, questioning our fragmented and utilitarian view of nature. His view is not a complacent, a friendly, or a bucolic vision of nature, but one that underlies the perspective, a deep search of the sublime. His pictorial attitude towards natural events explores the “superhuman” of the landscape, its Inapprehensibility, its failure, the inability to understand, to reach, and less of all, to control the natural phenomena.

His work conveys a profound instability, a permanent doubt on the ability of human beings to understand their “being in the world”. Images that transport us and worry us with their visual power. At the same time, those images bring out our own fragility in the face of nature, pushing us to an uncertain journey into uncharted hostile territories, including snow and ice. Impossible sea trips where the sea is sinking, it gets empty, and it overflows in deep crevices that attract us to them.

A trip looking for the sublime through the unexpected, the surreal, a perfect excuse to stop keepingt our feet on the ground and fly with the imagination. A romantic journey through the doors of surrealism, overflowing glacier fronts from the sky, ocean holes, huge mountains hanging inverted or floating weightless long ridges. A world that melts and reinvents itself, an utopic nature of a mental landscape. Fragmentary narratives that take our breath away, as spectators of a transformation that scares us, mixed with the beauty of the places and the pleasure of contemplation. Tense inestability between the order of the known and the impossible to understand. A work that puts us in a world of emotions, cross readings, pleasure and fear, in front of the beauty of the sublime and the inevitable attraction of the abyss.