Art from Jessica Tallett / Farnham, England

From Jessica Tallett:

My current artwork takes a critical view on the way in which we as a species interact and regard the animals with which, we share our environment. Considering the institution of the zoo I question the entrapment of animals and the ways in which we have used them as commodities. Making use of the graphic nature of screen printing, collage and paper cutting the artwork questions the space of the cage, contrasting the steel bars with the fragility of paper, and therefore the fragility of nature. Within my collages I reuse my own photographs from family trips to the zoo in order to explore the ways in which my opinion of these spaces has been altered. These pieces become reimaginings of old memories. I also explore the idea of hunting and the animal trophy. These old photographs becoming a form of trophy that I take away with me in order to relive the fleeting animal gaze.