Art from Jacqueline van der Venne

From Jacqueline van der Venne:

My work is very colorful, full of symbols in the shape of the moon, suns, love, stars, squares and flowers. The material that I use is varied and I am such a sponge that inspiration comes from everywhere. To create a painting I make advance a powerful sketch that I use for a start. Convey emotions and feelings through my work comes naturally and intuitively. The drawings and paintings are figurative and as in my pictures people play a pivotal role in each work. Love to create art of rest and peace in a chaotic world, looking for that one oasis and the perfect balance so that everyone has enough space to make their own journey. The art I make is for a traveler with an open mind on his way to the right field division, line, smell and color, as if one is in a Japanese garden or in a boat on the ultramarine blue sea. From childhood I have felt the need to express myself creatively. Ceramics, textiles, drawing, batik, painting and photography were favored. After my training at the art academy, I became an art professional who never stopped working. Find a form of communication through art is my ultimate goal to improve my work and develop a new design.





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  1. Jacqueline van der Venne
    July 28, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Thanks for showing my artwork.
    I will link this page to my BLOG.

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