Art from Guido Oakley

By both his work and his conversation Guido Oakley has an extraordinary gift of drawing you into a world that is completely exotic and otherworldly by making it seem totally accessible. His sculptures are a reflection of the fact he clearly lives and breaths art.

Guido is a multifaceted artist. He studied first at Shelley Park, Bournemouth, then Central Saint Martins in London, which encompassed working with artists in Australia, Barcelona and the Philippines, gaining a wealth of creative knowledge, experience and inspiration

For the past 18 months, however, he has been creating exquisite works of art which combine his 25 years of interest in gemstones and minerals with that lifelong passion for sculpture. “This work is all about creating a whole new experience for the body and mind which is a fusion of beautiful sculptures and the undeniably transforming abilities of crystals,” he says. “I call it Healing Art.” It is fitting then that when we meet two fine horses’ heads have just been sold at the Royal Windsor Race Night auction to raise money for a children’s cancer charity. The sum was a stunning £45,000.

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