Art from Diane Wisehart

From Diane Wisehart:

Diane sold her first painting at the age of 13. Today, there are wall murals adorning many homes throughout central Indiana and paintings being cherished in homes all across the country. This is because Diane was blessed with, not only a God-given talent to put to canvas that which her eye and heart beholds, but also a driving force within her to create and express her emotions through art. Sharing her work with the world has been rewarding, in and of itself,
and much of her work has been generously shared over several decades. Today, now retired from the 8-5 job that raised her family, she devotes her free time to her passion of art, her husband, their dogs and cats and their herd of goats, in the country.

Probably, as with any “artist”, to create in any shape, form or medium is a release, a comfort, and a very necessary means to an end…that being to replace fear, anger, loneliness, sadness and pain with calm, peace, and serenity. Diane’s style is eclectic, spontaneous, and ever changing! There is so much inspiration in the world, how can one possibly limit their creativity to one style or one medium and her “style” is subject to change on a day to day basis, depending upon what happens to provide inspiration at the moment. This is neither good nor bad…it is what it is. Through art, Diane is able to transform “reality” into whatever she wishes it to be. To be human is to experience good times and painful times, which is reflected in Diane’s art. Sometimes it is only visible to her but, sometimes, the art speaks very loudly with emotions it needs to convey. That is something for each individual to determine as they gaze upon her art.