Art from Deb Richardson

From Deb Richardson:

I grew up in a house full of art, discovering a love for sketching and painting early in life. In highschool my work consisted primarily of pencil drawings, but I then fell into a deep and decades-long love of photography. Most recently I’ve been exploring the world of printmaking, creating small edition fine art block prints, many of which are based on photographs I have taken over the years.

I find there is a deep serenity to be found in nature, in contemplating the lines in a fallen leaf, or in the graceful curve of a blade of grass. I believe that in that stillness you can rediscover what is truly important in life and in the world. And this is from where I draw my inspiration, using nature’s shapes and patterns as the basis for my handcrafted, limited edition art prints.

My goal is to create accessible and affordable locally-created art that helps people reconnect with the serenity and importance of nature and the natural world.