Art from Claire Sarfeld (@clairesarfeld) / British Columbia, Canada

From Claire Sarfeld:

Claire Sarfeld is an artist living and working in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Sarfeld grew up in small town southern Ontario, and moved out to B.C. after completing her degree in Fine Arts; Drawing and Painting, with a minor in Creative writing from OCAD University in Toronto. The primary source of inspiration for Sarfeld’s work has been an exploration of her travels between Canada and the States and the affective experience of camping and exploring nature. This, combined with her time spent living in Toronto has developed her characteristic style that merges influences of the city and nature. Borrowing aspects of both her traditional training and the more intuitive expressions of abstract style Sarfeld manipulates colours and textures inspired by her travels in nature, and the geometric lines of the city – her focus has been creating a balance of order and chaos.

Twitter: @clairesarfeld
Instagram: clairesarfeld

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