BUDHENS is a digital video designer and stencil artist from Lisbon, Portugal with an expansive vision for his art – building a comprehensive “BUDHENS Brand” around his illustration, stencil art, and urban art . He’s starting with the Budhens Stencil art project. The concept is – Stencil Art as an Urban Art Takeway – designed for stores and personal home decoration, customized retro lamps and furniture, original cylindrical light objects, walls, paintings with customized measurements as well as canvas prints, original paintings and collages. “I Found People Had Never Met Before” is the thematic artwork he presents. Inspired by a fiction story, where the characters of the past travel to the future. “Nearby, on city streets, suddenly, I found old pictures of strangers from the past.” “RETRO TIME TRAVELERS” a kind of “APOCALYPTIC VISION FROM THE PAST .” –