Art from Aleksandar Basic (@aleksandarbasic)

From Aleksandar Basic:

“I am interested in all areas of art and design, although I am mostly using oils, I constantly experiment with different styles and media. My motifs are people, objects and places that have left impressions on me. I find inspiration in existentialism, impressionism, cubism and most of the other isms.”

“When creating artwork, I am not thinking about the style but rather what I want to achieve. I am interested in “how things work” and I investigate this in different aspects of form, shape, light, colour and material.”

Born 1975, in Croatia then Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Bašić now lives and works in London. In 2002, he earned his BA Honours in Illustration at University of Derby, and in 2007 achieved an MA in Media Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University. – –šić-Visual-Artist – – –

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