Art from Elza Zijlstra (@TrashWorksElza) / Nijmegen, the Netherlands

From Elza Zijlstra:

Elza Zijlstra transforms beach-trash and vintage magazines into images that tell a story. It started with a co-incidental finding on a trashy beach on a holiday in Spain and has grown into a passion for the so-called ‘plastic soup’ (the plastic that floats around in our oceans). She is fascinated by the fact that apparent useless materials can be turned into something valuable. With her work, Elza wants to create an atmosphere that makes you keep watching. She wants you to forget that you are looking at trash – and invites you at the same time to take a close look to see what the image is made of.

Elza is a self-taught artist. She studied medicine and is currently working on her PhD in the field of gender based violence. Her interests vary from anthropology, sustainability and environment to fashion, old science fiction movies and French songs from the 70s. TrashWorks started as a side-project, but is now a substantial part of her life. She had a few exhibitions in the Netherlands. gives workshops and does commissions as well. – – @TrashWorksElza – @TrashWorksDesign