Art from Edgar Adrian Gomez Flores (@univerz714) / México

From Edgar Adrian Gomez Flores:

My name is Edgar I’m 24 years old from Mexico, I studied graphic design, I always liked drawing since I was about 9 years, drawing all things like cartoon characters and subsequently logos, but always felt the need to create something own something that represented me, was to the university where I learned to handle programs like Photoshop and Illustrator which fascinated me immediately so at the beginning I wanted to experiment what could capture through this new way for me to translate my ideas, going from pencil and notebook to mouse and monitor, and eventually found my s own style and shape my ideals. In my style is very abstract, is a representation of my mind, my ideas inspired concepts or ideas as the future universe, beyond representations one to the things that inspires me most is the power to create something so I’m inspired by the idea that I can create something that initially has no place in reality. To give “life” to something that did not exist beforehand is simply perfect. I try to realize what’s inside of me, my mind and my soul. So every time I do some design it’s part of me materialized in an abstract way, linear and colorful. I think this power to create is something unique and mysterious.