Art Crime This Week (04.14.17)


Find out what happened this week in art crime.


The FBI made pop art with its “wanted” poster for Andy Warhol’s stolen soup cans (QZ)


Statue Stolen from Child Advocacy Center (Arkansas Matters)


Carved mask stolen from Yukon government building (CBC)


Bright Red, Iconic Seahorse Stolen Off Residence in La Jolla (San Diego 7)


Call the FBI: Iconic Lake Boone Chicken statue stolen (News Observer)


One man’s epic quest to recover a stolen painting by ‘Iraq’s Picasso’ (The Art Newspaper)


Germany to investigate mass plunder of works of art by Stasi in Cold War era (The Art Newspaper)


Hamilton Art Mystery at City Hall: Lost, Stolen or Never There? (The New York Times)


(photo via Pixabay)

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