Art from Amy Louise Wood (@Amylouisewooda2) / Surrey, UK

From Amy Louise Wood:

My Name Is Amy Louise Wood, and I am a third year fine art student currently studying at The University For The Creative Arts Farnham (Surrey, UK) and living between Surrey, and Hertfordshire.

My work is currently focussed on expressing the visual representation of ownership, object and reality, induced by visually capturing an object which mimics or preserves reality itself, as well as the value which a person bestows on an object they own .For example, in how people desire the ownership of objects at the cost of true need or necessity, to fill the void things of a certain beauty despite an unconventional one . My work focuses on the use of usually bright artificially produced objects which are in existence purely for people to cast their own needs upon as in the current world , they cannot perish and do not need the care of a ‘real’ object ( Like the real lemons in Artificial Still life, the second image, which have decomposed), they are built to simply keep an appearance, they are less transient than living things . The Medium in which I work is visual, with some works being image based, and some being image projected onto object.