Transparent’s Amy Landecker Is Julia Roberts’ Voice Double and Hearing Her Will Totally Freak You Out


Here’s a funny fact: Sometimes when you’re hearing Julia Roberts talk in a movie, it’s not really her speaking at all. Wha?! Yep, it’s true.

While dialogue occasionally needs to be altered or added after filming, the film‘s stars aren’t always available to make the minor changes. When that happens, a voice-over actor comes in to perform their mimicry mastery. For instance, Tom Hanks’ brother does his sibling’s voice work (which you can check out in the video from Vulture below).

Another pretty cool fact is that before she landed her role on Transparent, Amy Landecker was not only the soothing voice that accompanied various pharmaceutical TV ads, she was also the go-to source for Julia Roberts voice whenever the star was too busy (or too expensive) to provide vocals herself. She was even Julia’s voice for the *entire* Duplicity trailer.

Watch Landecker in action below. It’ll totally blow your mind… or freak you out!


(h/t Vulture; photo via screenshot)