5 Ways to Find Your Niche


Are you looking to find your perfect niche? I’m sure you’re hoping for one that will be both fulfilling AND successful. Here are a few tips to do just that:


1. Look at Your Interests and Passions Outside of Art

Take a look at what you fill your time with when you’re not working.

  • What types of books do you read?
  • What type of movies and TV shows do you watch?
  • What music do you listen to?
  • What topics of conversation do you find yourself having with friends?
  • What items fill and decorate your home?

Thinking about what already interests you can help lead you to a niche that suits you perfectly. Your work will not only be more authentic if it’s backed by your passion, but it will also be more fun to work on since it’s what you love to do.


2. Look at Your Unusual Qualities

Everyone’s a little different in their own way and some of us are utterly unusual. Considering what sets you apart can lead you to a niche that is uniquely yours.

Think about what you alone have to offer, what you do differently from everyone else, and how you can present your work in your own voice.


3. Look at What’s NOT Being Done

It can sometimes seem like there are no new ideas to be had. Yet everyday creative minds are exploring uncharted territory.

  • Look at what’s being done and how it could be taken further or expanded.
  • Think about the exact opposite of what’s been done and how you could take it in a new direction.
  • Look for holes in movements/projects and how they could be filled with new ideas.

There’s no point in putting your effort into an area that’s already being covered, so search out the spots where ideas can be newly explored.


4. Look at What NEEDS to Be Done

Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s true. Some of the best work has been created in response to necessary action.

  • Is there an issue that needs to be addressed in a certain way?
  • Is there a technique that isn’t being utilized that should be?
  • Is there a movement that needs to happen and could use an instigator?

Look for areas where your talent and expertise are needed and search for a relevant niche there.


5. Find Ways to Take a New Twist On an Old Favorite

Although I don’t suggest you merely copy what’s been done, taking a look at past work can help spark ideas on how to re-purpose themes or techniques in a way that is new and unique.