5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vincent Van Gogh

via www.vangoghmuseum.nl

1. He Preferred To Work At Night

Many artists prefer to work at night when there are less distractions and the energy is much different than in the day time. Vincent Van Gogh was apparently no different and was even said to have placed lit candles in his hat so he could paint late into the night. He stated, “It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day.”


2. He Painted Starry Night While In An Asylum and Considered It a Failure

In May of 1889, Van Gogh checked himself into the Saint-Paul asylum and this is where he created some of his most famous paintings such as “Irises,” “The Olive Trees” and “The Starry Night.” However, despite Starry Night being one of his most famous works, Van Gogh claimed that the painting “says nothing to me” and that it was not even “a little good.”

3. He Grew Up With a Tombstone With His Name On It

Van Gogh’s parents lost an infant son with the same name as Vincent before his birth. As a child, the young Vincent would often pass by his brother’s tombstone which has his own name on it.


4. Some Believe He Was Murdered

Biographers Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith released a book called Van Gogh: The Life, that made the claim that Van Gogh didn’t commit suicide but was actually murdered by a teenager.


5. The Artist Gauguin May Have Cut Off Van Gogh’s Ear

Although it is widely accepted that Van Gogh cut off his own ear, he actually may not have been the one responsible. It may in fact have been another famous artist who did the slicing, no other than Gauguin.

First off, the entirety of van Gogh’s ear was not removed. A portion of his left earlobe was cut off. According to a report by Le Petit Journal, just three days after the incident, van Gogh did in fact give a part of his earlobe to a prostitute, but whether he cut the earlobe off himself is highly questionable.

Van Gogh had been living with friend and fellow artist Paul Gauguin at the time of the incident. Gauguin was an expert fencer. The two would often fight violently, and the night van Gogh’s earlobe was cut was no exception.

(Source: Huffington Post)