5+ Things Every Artist Should Include On Their Website


As an artist, you need a website that will properly reflect you as a creative professional and feature your work in the best way possible. In order to do that, artists need to include the proper elements and information on their website. And what are those? Check out below!


Here are 5 things every artist should include on their website:


1. The Essentials

Make sure to have your essential professional information on your website including:

  1. Current contact info (be sure it’s a way that you can be contacted quickly, but never personal contact info).
  2. Your representation (if applicable).


2. Who You Are 

Unless you’re incredibly famous, your name is not enough. Your website needs to include who you are as an artist including:

  1. Your artist statement.
  2. Your bio.
  3. Your resumé.
  4. Organizations/groups you’re a member of.
  5. Press/accolades/awards you’ve received.


3. What You Do

Why have a website if not to show the world what you and your art are all about? Your website needs to include a portfolio of your work. You can decide what you want to include, how much to include, how to display it, etc.There are plenty of options, but it’s best to keep the design of your website simple and the display of your work straightforward in order to make your art the main focus.

The great thing about websites is that you can use multimedia to feature your art.

  • Add a gallery (or multiple galleries) to showcase your art or still-shots of your performances.
  • Add videos of your performances and/or interviews with Youtube or Vimeo.


4. Current and Upcoming Events / Exhibitions / Projects

You need to have all of your current and upcoming exhibitions, events, and projects that you’re involved with listed on your website. Be sure to have the event/project name, dates, blurb, and applicable links.

It’s important to keep your list up-to-date and current.


5. Where Your Art Can Be Found/Purchased

Some artists have business professionals who sell their work for them or who only sell through certain contacts. There are other artists who sell art right from their website or from online shops such as Etsy.

When evaluating or planning your website, consider how you sell your work (if you do at all) and be sure to either include the contact info where buyers can reach you or the person representing you, or make sure to include clear links/navigation to your website/online shop.


Here are 2 more things artists should consider including on their website:


1. Blog

A blog is a great way to keep your fans and community in-the-know about your projects, events, and activities as well as give them a glimpse into your personality and process. You can either use a template for your website that includes a blog or you can use a blogging platform like WordPress.


2. Social Media Buttons/Widgets

If you’re on social media, then you’ll definitely want to include links to your accounts on your website. But don’t just use text, it’s better to embed buttons and/or widgets.

Most social networks provide ready-made buttons and widgets that you can customize for your site in many ways. You’ll also be given instructions on how to add them to your site, but if you’re still not sure, Google a quick how-to.