$26 Painting Turns Out to Be a Raphael Masterpiece Worth $26 Million

A painting discovered in a stately home by the Scottish National Trust and newly attributed to the Renaissance artist Raphael has increased its value in a staggering way. 

The Madonna painting, which was formerly attributed to the significantly less well-known Renaissance artist Innocenzo Francucci da Imola, was spotted by Dr Bendor Grosvenor during filming of the BBC TV series Britain’s Lost Masterpieces.

“I thought, crikey, it looks like a Raphael,” Grosvenor, who was in fact there to look at other pieces, told The Guardian. “It was very dirty under old varnish, which goes yellow … Being an anorak, I go round houses like this with binoculars and torches. If I hadn’t done that, I’d probably have walked past it.”

Now that the painting has been attributed to Raphael, the value of the piece has increased immensely. We’re talking going from £20 ($26) to £20 million ($26 million). That’s quite a jump, to say the least!

(h/t Huffington Post; photo via Scottish National Trust)