25 New Year’s Resolutions for Artists


Do you want to make a New Year’s resolution or two? Perhaps one related to art, music, theater, or something else wonderfully creative? And, ya know, ones that you can actually keep?!

Check out the list of 25 options below and pick one that’s perfect for you. Or, if you’re feeling super ambitious, go for all 25!

  1. Make something creative everyday.
  2. Every month, try something new with your art.
  3. Every month, try something creative outside of your normal genre/medium.
  4. Every month, try something creative that requires you step outside of your comfort zone / requires you to be brave.
  5. Promote your work more.
  6. Focus on something you love about your art every day.
  7. Make more time to visit art galleries.
  8. Make more time to attend art events.
  9. Find ways to support your local art scene.
  10. Join your local arts council or an arts organization you support.
  11. Volunteer with your local arts council or an arts organization you support.
  12. Buy more art from independent artists.
  13. Blog once a month about your art/creative pursuits.
  14. Take an art-inspired/related trip.
  15. Read more art-related books.
  16. Watch more art-related documentaries.
  17. Watch more independent films.
  18. Go to the theater more.
  19. Go to more live music events.
  20. Attend an arts festival.
  21. Participate in an arts festival.
  22. Start selling your work online.
  23. Aim to change your worst art-related bad habit.
  24. Start a good art-related habit.
  25. Take better care of your health. > Important for anyone in any field.