10 Reasons to Be an Artist

There are endless reasons to be an artist, from talent to personal fulfillment to spreading your beliefs. Whether you’re a painter or a photographer, a sculpture or an installation artist, check out these reasons to pursue your craft and see if any (or all) sound familiar.

  1. You might be the next Frida Kahlo, Picasso, or Hirst.
  2. You ready, willing, and able to change the world with your creative vibe.
  3. You’re artistically talented…or at least let’s hope so!
  4. You enjoy making art, otherwise blerg, why do it?!
  5. You go nutso when you don’t create.
  6. You have something to say and art is the best way to do it.
  7. You want to be subversive in an artistic sorta way.
  8. You want to be rich and think that art will be your ticket to fame and fortune (bahaha! Er, it could happen).
  9. You might be the next Cindy Sherman, Basquiat, or Banksy.
  10. You love art, love creating art, love being an artist. *high five, friend!*

(Image via MustangJoe/Pixabay, Giphy)